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Koichi Sughimoto

Cardiac surgeon​​ pharmacist

Biography etc.

Current Positions

Director of Cardiovascular Surgery, Chiba Kaihin Hospital

Specially Appointed ProfessorChiba University Graduate School of Engineering

Clinical Professor, Chiba University School of Medicine

USJLP Fellow

Educational background

Graduated from Chiba University Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences in 1994

Graduated from Chiba University School of Medicine in 2001

Work experience

2001 Joined Tokyo Women's Medical University Cardiovascular Surgery

2002-2011 Worked at Tokyo Women's Medical University Hospital (Sendai Cardiovascular Center, NTT Kanto Hospital)

2006 Chiba Cardiovascular Center, Cardiovascular Surgery

2007 Chiba Children's Hospital, Cardiovascular Surgery

2008 Funabashi Municipal Medical Center, Cardiovascular Surgery

2009 Chief Cardiovascular Surgeon, Chiba Cardiovascular Center

2011 Assistant Professor, Cardiovascular Surgery, Tokyo Women's Medical University

2012 Australia, Mater Hospital, Clinical Fellow

2012 Australia, Royal Children's Hospital, Clinical Fellow

2015 Kitasato University Cardiovascular Surgery Associate Lecturer, 2016-Lecturer

2017 Canada, British Columbia Children's Hospital, Clinical Fellow

2018 Canada, University of Alberta Hospital, Clinical Fellow

2020 Director, Cardiovascular Surgery, Chiba Kaihin Hospital

         Specially Appointed Professor, Chiba University, Graduate School of Engineering

Licenses and qualifications

Specialist of Japan Surgical Society

Japanese Cardiovascular Surgeon Specialist / Instructor

Specialist of the Japanese Circulation Society

Ventricular assist device for children

Associate Fundraiser (Japan Fundraising Association)


Bachelor 2010 Ph.D. (Medicine) Tokyo Women's Medical University


Academic activities, etc.

① Japan Surgical Society

② Japanese Circulation Society

③ Japanese Society of Cardiovascular Surgery

④ Japanese Society of Thoracic Surgery

⑤ Japanese Circulation Society / Councilor

⑥ EACTS ・ international member

⑦ Heart Valve Society ・ member

⑧ STS ・ international member

⑨ AHA ・ member

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