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NPO Heart Kids Japan

For the safe future

Heart Kids Japan, an NPO, supports children who are born with heart disease and their families so that they can receive world-class treatment and have a safe future.


Issues to be addressed by NPO Heart Kids Japan

Inborn heart disease (congenital heart disease) occurs in 1 in 100 births. Although the survival rate has improved dramatically in recent decades due to advances in cardiac surgery and treatment methods, there are still issues to be solved, such as the small number of pediatric heart transplants in Japan. NPO Heart Kids Japan will make various efforts to support children with heart disease to a bright future. Children and families with heart disease will have the opportunity to gain knowledge and necessary information about congenital heart disease. We will also work with the local community and society to deepen their understanding of congenital heart disease. Furthermore, we will work to resolve these issues by providing support for improving the treatment and care of congenital heart diseases.

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Activities of NPO Heart Kids Japan

For the better future


Heart Kids Class

Cardiac surgeon experience

The "Heart Kids Class" was held on October 31, 2021 at the Chiba City Science Museum. We had 20 groups of elementary and junior high school students and their parents experience a cardiac surgeon for a day. We are sorry for those who applied this time but did not get an opportunity. We are looking forward to your next application.

Education and public relations activities

Get to know more about congenital heart disease

Heart Kids Japan, an NPO, will increase opportunities to learn more about congenital heart disease through educational lectures, symposiums, and websites.

Nurse Talking to Patient

Research support

For the development of better treatments

There's still a lot we don't know about congenital heart disease. Steady research activities are needed to find better treatments. NPO Heart Kids Japan supports research activities conducted at universities and medical institutions.

An event that gives courage to hospitalized children

Santa Claus visit in the pediatric ward

Santa Claus visits the pediatric ward of the hospital during Christmas time. Santa Claus will give presents to each child who is hospitalized.


Home monitoring program

I want to save a small life

Single ventricle disease requires staged surgeries. The period from the first surgery to the second surgery in the newborn period is a period in which circulation, respiration, and nutrition are likely to become unstable. Measure oxygen saturation with a pulse oximeter daily to quickly find signs of instability. NPO Heart Kids Japan is aiming to introduce a home monitoring program in Japan.​


board member

Introducing board members of NPO Heart Kids JAPAN

ホーム: スタッフ一覧

Koichi Sughimoto

​​Representative Director

From my work experience in Australia and Canada, I strongly recognized the need for NPO Heart Kids Japan. We will tackle issues related to pediatric heart disease from various angles.


260-0013 7th floor, Chiba Chuo Twin Building No. 2 Building, 2-5-1 Chuo, Chuo-ku, Chiba

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articles of incorporation

Introducing the articles of incorporation of NPO Heart Kids Japan.

​privacy policy

Supporting companies / cooperating organizations

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