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Home monitoring program
Interstage Home Monitoring Program

What is a home monitoring program?

  • Children born with a heart disease called single ventricle disease require multiple stages of surgery. The Home Monitoring Program is the program for patients who have completed their first surgery for this single ventricle disease. With the introduction of this home monitoring program, the lifesaving rate between the first and second sessions has improved by as much as 40%.

  • The Home Monitoring Program is the program that helps families care for patients who have undergone initial surgery for hypoplastic left heart syndrome and other single ventricle disorders.

  • The patient's family and caregivers are educated to monitor several numbers (milk intake, growth, oxygen saturation). And if that number is abnormal, you will be trained to contact your health care team immediately.

  • At the AHA Academic Conference in Dallas, USA in 2020, this interstage preoperative home monitoring program for single ventricle disease is recommended to recognize possible complications early and improve patient survival and growth by AHA.

  • This home monitoring program, which started about 20 years ago in Wisconsin, USA, is now being introduced at 60 facilities in the United States and 70 facilities worldwide and has greatly contributed to improving the survival rate of children with single ventricle disease.

  • NPO Heart Kids JAPAN will promote activities with the aim of spreading this home monitoring program to Japan.

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